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Getting Started
Get started by downloading a wallet, securing Testnet tokens, and familiarizing yourself with the Voi ecosystem.


Complete quests to earn rewards and help test the Voi Network.

Quests help test the network and introduce you to the budding Voi ecosystem. They are fun, educational, and a great way to learn about Voi while earning rewards. Points earned from quests will correlate to an airdrop following Voi's move to Mainnet, anticipated for later this year.


Get started with the Kibisis Browser Extension Wallet. Complete tasks on Kibisis to earn Voi Points.

Social Quests

Complete Social Quests on Galxe. Register your social media account(s) and perform qualifying activities to earn Quest Points

Node Running
Voi Network

Run a participation node and help maintain the security and integrity of the Voi Network while earning Voi Points.


Nomadex is a decentralized exchange on Voi. Complete tasks on Nomadex to earn Voi Points.


Humble is a decentralized exchange platform. Complete tasks on Humble to earn points.

NFT Minting
High Forge

High Forge is an NFT minting platform. Mint your first NFT on High Forge, earn points, and use it complete more quests.

NFT Marketplace

Nautilus is an NFT marketplace on Voi. Complete tasks to earn Voi Points.

NFT Discovery
NFT Navigator

NFTNavigator is a Discovery, Analytics, and Social platform for Voi NFTs. Complete tasks on NFTNavigator to earn Voi Points.

NFT Swap Tool

MechaSwap is a trustless NFT swap platform. Complete tasks on MechaSwap to earn points.

AlgoLeagues Discord Bot

AlgoLeagues Discord Bot facilitates transferring, withdrawing, and tipping Voi assets in Discord servers. Use the bot in the Voi Discord to earn points.

Chubs v2 NFT Collection

Chubs v2 is a collection of NFTs on Voi. Use your Chub to complete tasks and earn points.


Treehouse Toolbox provides a set of tools for performing various tasks on the Voi Network. Complete tasks on Treehouse to earn points.


Arcpay is a payment gateway. Complete tasks on Arcpay to earn points.


A-Wallet is a wallet for the Voi Network. Complete tasks on A-Wallet to earn points.

Womp Crew

Engage with the Womp Crew Poker Party and Spread the word


Aramid Finance Token Bridge

Biatec Scheduler

Biatec Scheduler is a decentralized scheduling platform. Complete tasks on Biatec Scheduler to earn points.

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