Node Running Resources

Interested in Running a Node? Check out the resources and links below:

In Phase 2 of TestNet, Node Runners earn quest points for each week their node remains healthy.

    Quick Start Guide

  • 1. Set up a Node using one of the Participation Node Setup Guides below.
  • 2. Go to the Voi Faucet located here: Voi Faucet and follow the instructions to receive TestNet Voi.
  • 3. Bring your wallet "online" as explained in the Guide you used to set up your node.
  • 4. Wait a few hours for your node to appear on the Voi-Node Metrics Dashboard , then periodically monitor your node's health. On the Monday following a Healthy weekly score of 5.0 or higher, you will be awarded quest points, which can be seen in the Voi Rewards Quest Tracker .
  • NEED HELP? If you have any questions or need help, visit the Voi Discord for assistance.