Phase 1 Snapshot

The Voi Testnet Phase 1 Snapshot occurred on May 1, 2024 at 00:00:00 UTC at block # 6522332

TestNet Tokens


Snapshot Block


Eligible Wallets


Mainnet Allocation
For TextNet Phase 1


Enter a wallet address to see Snapshot balance, expected Mainnet Allocation, and lockup options

Phase #1 Total

Anticipated Mainnet Airdrop


Lockup Option

  • Airdrop may be locked for one to five years for a 10%-20% componded bonus per year
  • Bonus is earned immediately and may be used for node block rewards

Select a lockup period to calculate your stakable balance:

0 1 2 3 4 5
Stakable Balance
Balance with 0 year lockup


Monthly Withdrawable
After lock-up period


Block Rewards

  • Locked tokens may earn block (node running) rewards on their full stakable balance
  • Use the slider below to simulate potential block rewards based on total Online Stake and potential block reward emission rate per year
  • This is a simulation for entertainment purposes only. It is only an estimation!

Block Rewards
per month with above stake


Total Online Stake
1,000,000,000 VOI
100M 2B
Reward Emission per Year
250,000,000 VOI
50M 500M